Heating and Cooling Curves Concept 3

by Jules Bruno
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So at this point we're thinking conceptually when it comes to heating and cooling curves now recall, there's two formulas used to calculate heat at different parts of the curves. If we're undergoing temperature changes, then we have to utilize the specific heat capacity formula. Here it be Q equals and cap where see our specific heat capacity is based on the substance existing as a gas, a liquid or solid. Now at phase changes, our temperature is constant. A plateaus. At this point we utilize the entropy formula, which is Q times M. Q equals M times delta H. M. Here could either be grams or moles. The units depend on what the value of delta H is. Now we're gonna use these two formulas to calculate our total energy involved in a heating and cooling curve. So basically we add up each of the line segments from either the heating or cooling curve and add them all together. So Q one plus Q two plus Q. Three and so on if necessary. And that will help us find out the total heat or total energy involved.