Periodic Trend: Successive Ionization Energies

by Jules Bruno
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now the first ionization energy abbreviated as e sub one is the energy absorbed to remove the first electron from a gaseous Adam. So remember, removing the electron makes nitrogen now positively charged. It's still in its gaseous phase. And here is the electron we removed that has associated with this ionization energy of 14 02 which will be in killing jewels. Now with more energy, you can remove additional electrons in successive ionization so you can remove the second electron from an A plus to give to give us ionization energy to you could try to remove the third one, which would require ionization energy three and so on. Now successive organizations is the removing of additional electrons in stages instead of all at once. So I'm trying to remove three electrons from nitrogen. I can't move them. Remove them all at the same time. I have to remove them one by one. So here we have the first ionization energy of nitrogen. So if I was trying to remove the next electron, I've already removed the first. So now I'm at this plus one stage. I'm removing the second one so now becomes two plus. And here's the electron I removed. Remember, As I remove each electron, the ion becomes more positively charged. Then I need to remove the third electron. I've already moved the first two. So at present, N plus two, I'm about to remove the third electron. And when I do that, I become three plus. And here goes the electron I just removed. So this would be ionization energy, one ionization energy to and an ionization energy three, where we remove the electron in three separate stages.