Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle Example 1

Jules Bruno
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in this example we're going to talk about the uncertainty involved with a neutron. Here, it says calculate the uncertainty in momentum off a neutron moving at 6. times 10 to the seventh meters per second. The massive a neutron is given as 1.67510 times 10 to the negative 27 kg. Alright, so remember uncertainty in momentum is Delta P here we're giving the speed in which it's moving. So this is our uncertainty in velocity and here they're giving us the mass of the subatomic particles. So m remember, uncertainty in momentum equals mass in kilograms time the uncertainty in velocity. So here that's gonna be 167510 times, 10 to the negative, 27 kg. And then we're gonna plug in the uncertainty in the velocity. This is the Onley speed in which they give us. So we assume that is our uncertainty and velocity. So here, when we plug that in, we get one point 01 times 10 to the negative, 19 kg, times meters over seconds. Here are answer has 366 at the end to match the three Sig figs that we see here in 6.0