Classify each of the following as a pure substance, a solution, or a heterogeneous mixture: (b) a 999 gold bar

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Hey there. All right, so you're going to identify the substances as a mixture. So we want to find out which one of these is a mixture. Now, what is a mixture? So mixture is going to have is going to be either elements right? Or compounds. They're going to be physically mixed. Right? So it's not just a mixture. They are physically mixer. They're not actually reacting with one another. Okay, if we take a look at sugar, so sugar here, we can see this is a compound right now, If it was two different compounds, maybe that would be a mixture, but we only have one compound. So this is a pure compound. It does not fit under the definition of a mixture. Right? So this is not the answer. Atmosphere, atmosphere is just air or gasses, right? There's different types of gasses were not going to go into exactly what gasses they are, but most of them are not really reacting um with one another, right there, just physically mixing. So we're going to say that this is in fact a mixture. Okay, Fruit salad, fruit salad, well, what is it? How do you make a fruit salad? You mix different fruits together. Right, So it's a mixture and of course they're just physically mixing together. Nothing is reacting there. So fruit salad is also a mixture and cinnamon sugar. So here we have actually, you know, two different compound. So we have sugar and then cinnamon. Now, when you put cinnamon into sugar or vice versa, they're not going to just react together right there. Just physically mixing, you're just physically mixing them in order to make cinnamon sugar. So again, this is also a mixture. So out of all of these, it looks like the correct answer is the one that contains 2, 3 and four answer options. Thanks so much for watching.