Classification of Matter Example 1

by Jules Bruno
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So if we take a look at this example question, it says, Consider the following substances. We have Gatorade, crystal and sugar, lead wire and salsa, and it looks like our option choices are talking about pure substances or homogeneous mixtures. So let's go through each one and identify what we have. Gatorade. We all know that this is an energy drink, and it looks like just a single colored liquid, sometimes white, sometimes blue, sometimes read even yellow. But if we look closer into Gatorade, we'll see that gator dis composed of water, sugar and, of course, what's important electrolytes. But all of it looks the same. It has a uniformed composition. We can't tell them apart, so Gatorade is an example of homogenous mixture. Next, we have a crystal and sugar. Don't get confused by the word crystalline. That really isn't important. It's just talking about the organized structure of the sugar itself. Now up above, we talked about biological sugar in the form of glucose, right? So crystalline sugar is pure sugar. You can think of glucose has a good example off above. We said that glucose was a compound, but more importantly, it was a pure substance here are assuming that it's just pure sugar here by itself, not mixed with anything. Lead wire. Here. We're just dealing with one type of Adam lead. We're not dealing it mixed with anything else. The entire wire is made up of just lead, so this would be an element and more importantly, a pure substance. Finally, we have salsa, so salsa can come with a lot of different things besides the base tomato part of it. We could have corn in there or green peppers or onions. All we know is that when we look at salsa, no matter what it is, we can tell it has different components in it and because we could see the different parts of it. It is a hetero genius mixture from our choices. We can see a doesn't work because one and 22 is a pure substance. But not one Okay, one. And tour homogeneous mixtures. No, only one was a homogenous mixture. Out of the tube, two and three are pure substances. We did say that one is a homogenous mixture. We said that too. De can't be the answer because we found out that option C was the correct choice. So remember, when it comes to classification of matter, think of it in terms of composition from their weaken separated further into the three main type things that we talked about above. Now that we've done this example question, let's move on forward and continue our discussion on matter and it's classifications.