Electrolytes Concept 3

by Jules Bruno
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here, we're going to say that weak electrolytes represents salutes that partially dissolve in tow. Ions when placed into salt, solve it. So here we have a be solid to show that it's a weak electrolyte. We used double sided arrows to show that not all of a B dissolves into ions so he would get a plus a quiz plus B minus a quiz. Very little of these islands would actually be forming because again, it's a weak electrolyte. We're gonna say here that weak electrolytes are either weak acids or weak bases now for weak acids. If an acid is not strong, then it is automatically going to be weak. So the strong acids that we examined earlier are the strong acids you need to remember if you see an acid and it's not one of those that we discussed by default, it is a weak acid, and therefore it is a weak electrolyte