Categories of the Electrolytes

by Jules Bruno
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now electrolytes represent compounds that conduct electricity when entering their ionic forms when dissolved or melted. Now recall conductivity is a physical property that deals with the ability of electric current toe flow through a material. Now we have strong electrolytes, weak electrolytes and non electrolytes with strong electrolytes. We say they represent salutes that completely or totally dissolved in tow ions when placed in a solvent. So, for example, let's say we had a be solid here. If it were a strong electrolyte, it would break up 100% to give us a positive acquis. When you are an ion in solution, your acquis plus B minus acquis, we're gonna stay strong. Electrolytes are strong acids, strong basis and are soluble ionic compounds. Remember, we know are soluble ionic compounds from the Saudi ability rules. Now, if we take a look here, let's look at our strong acids first. For strong acids, we classify them either either as hallow acids try oxide acids or tetroxide acids. So our hallow acids that are strong, our hydrochloric acid, hydro bronek acid and hydro biotic acid here, if we look at the periodic table, we have our strong acids here, so we said that HCL is one HBR is one and h I is another try. Oxides mean they possess three oxygen's so caloric acid is H c l h b r 03 and h n So here notice that there's no h i 03 a child three does not constitute a strong acid. So here h n 03 would be a strong one. And then here we have HCL 03 and then we have HBR 03 And then here are Tetra oxides have four oxygen's involved. So this would be hcl 04 per bronek acid is H B R 04 per iota gas. It is h i 04 and then finally sulfuric acid which is h two s So placing them here on the periodic table we see the way that our strong acids shape different sections of the periodic table. So keep in mind, these are all these strong acids that exist for those of you will carry on into later, stronger or like more difficult chemistry's. These strong acids will make an appearance again, so keep them in mind when asked toe discuss questions dealing with strong assets