Periodic Table: Classifications

Jules Bruno
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so non metals represent the second largest classifications for elements, so they're the ones shaded in blue like we set up above. Now, a key way to remember the physical properties off non metals is in comparing them to metals. Just remember here that non metals tend tohave the opposite trend of medals. When it comes to their physical properties, metals have a luster. Their shiny non metals are dull. Medals are good conductors, but non metals are poor conductors. Medals are opaque because they're not see through, but nonmetal some of them are transparent and see through okay. And then finally, we said that metals have a malleability where we can hammer them without them falling apart. The opposite of being malleable is being brittle. If you were trying a hammer, some non metals, they would literally crumble in your hands. So just remember if you could remember the physical properties of metals. Non metals are basically the opposite trend.