Periodic Table: Classifications

Jules Bruno
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now we've finally reached our third classification, the metal Lloyd's. Now the metal Lloyd's, we're going to say they have characteristics of both metals and non metals. And because of this, we call them semi metals or semiconductors. Now we're going to say here that the metal Lloyd's lie on an imaginary staircase starting from boron, which is B to ask the team which is 80. So if you come back up here to our periodic table, remember those in green represent our meta Lloyd's. So from boron, all the way down to ask the team, they lie on the staircase above the staircase and then below the staircase we have G. E. Which is germanium and S. P. Which is antimony. So here we have seven meta lloyds, we're going to stay here that they act as a border with the medals lying to the left and most of the non metals lying to the right. Remember on the periodic table, hydrogen is was here in the top left corner. But then all the rest of the non metals were here on the right side. Okay, so most of the non metals are found on the right side and except for hydrogen, which is on the far left over there. Now here it says which of the following is a medal Lloyd for this example question. So out of the choices that we saw up above go back up, we have what we have boron, silicon arsenic. Delirium, a statin germanium and antimony. So these are the names for these different types of metal Lloyd's again, we'll get two names and symbols later on but realize these are our seven metal Lloyd's now based on our options. Only a we can see all the choices. So we have a as the only option because here we have S. B, R, P, B, and C. The other four are not meta lloyds. Now, as I stands for Silicon, you might have heard of that term when it comes to Silicon Valley. So we know that Silicon Valley exists in California. It's a hub for major tech companies in the country. So it's a place of innovation and technology. But Silicon Valley isn't named after those tech companies in actuality, it's named after the original settlers there who are developing silicon chips. So that's where the name Silicon Valley comes from. Now, these silicon chips are incredibly important because they're found in so many of our technology. They're found within our computers, our laptops, even our phones. And the reason for this is because silicon is a meta Lloyd, It works as a semi metal or semiconductor. So it's the ideal type of element that can function properly within all of these pieces of technology. So again, you might have heard of Silicon Valley, you heard you definitely heard of different tech companies, you know what microchips are. So this is real day applications that are based in chemistry and that's gonna happen from time to time, You might think something is boring, but then realize that oh it has a real world use that you benefit from every day. So just remember when it comes to the classifications of the periodic table. We have our medals are non metals and of course, our better lloyds.