Solutions Example 2

Jules Bruno
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here, it says. From the following images, identify a solution, a suspension and a ka Lloyd. Alright, so first of all, let's tackle the easier one. A solution represents a homogeneous mixture. The sauce has perfectly dissolved within the solvent, so you can't tell them apart. That would mean that option B. You can't see the saw you within it because it's been perfectly dissolved. This represents our solution, then we have a N. C. Remember a koi Lloyd because it's heavier particles, it never settles on the top, it's going to sink to the bottom. So C. Would have to represent our core Lloyd and then process of elimination. This one here, the particles are smaller in size and then dispersed throughout the solvent. Some of them are dispersed at the top, the middle and the bottom. This would have to represent our our suspension. So it would be our suspension. Be would be our solution and see would be our call Lloyd.