Jules Bruno
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We just said that solutions represent homogeneous mixtures. And when it comes to mixtures, solutions aren't the only important term to remember. We also have suspensions and colloids. Now, suspensions represent hetero genius mixtures, and in these heterogeneous mixtures we have a large solid particles that have the potential to float within the solvent. Then we have Colloids coy. Lloyd's represent yet another homogenous mixture. The difference now, though in solutions, the particles completely dissolved within our solvent, so they're not easy to see. But in a coal Lloyd there intermediate intermediate lee sized particles that can also float within a solvent. Now, when it comes to their particle sizes, we're gonna say for suspensions. The particles are larger, so they tend to be greater than 500 nanometers in terms of size and for core Lloyd's. They tend to be less than 500 nanometers now because of their increased size, because their larger these particles will eventually settled and they could settle either on the top or on the bottom. Where they settle really depends on the density of the solvent. But all you need to remember is that when it comes to suspensions, the particles being larger means they can eventually settle coy. Lloyd's, though they're particles, are not as large. So these these particles they never settle. They never settle on the top or the bottom. They kind of stay suspended somewhere in the middle of the solvent. Now what a great examples of suspensions and colloids. Well, a great example for suspension could be Italian salad dressing because Italian sound addressing. What do we have? We have oil, we have vinegar. What else do we happens? Vinegar, Vinegar? We have herbs, we have spices. And if you really look at Italian dressing, you can see those particles floating around within the liquid. Examples of colloids we have a great example would be milk. Now, in milk you have suspended within the liquid portion of it. You have like fat cells, fat particles. You have, um, Cassie. And you have a lot of different things that are suspended within the milk itself. And these things are constantly floating within milk. They don't sell on the top or the bottom. All right, so just remember, solutions are homogeneous mixtures. But mixtures also can talk about suspensions and colloids