Jules Bruno
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solutions represent homogeneous or homogeneous mixtures made of two or more components that form a uniformed composition. Now, when we say uniformed composition, that means that everything mixes perfectly together. So when I take a look at the result, I can't tell which part is which. Everything is mixed perfectly together now, when it comes to solutions, we have portions of it that we need to understand. First, we have our salute. The salute represents the smaller portion of the solution that is dissolved within the solvent. The solvent itself is the part of the solution that is present in the larger amount, and it could dissolve other substances. Concentration is a word that you will hear. Oftentimes, concentration is basically a measurement off the amount off salute that you have present in a given solution. So, speaking about solutions, let's take a look at this solution formation image, the smaller ball there. It's smaller in amount, so it represents our salt in it. This saw you. I'm gonna dunk it into this sol vent. Let's just assume it's water, which is larger and amount. Then you need to realize when you have a saw, you dissolving in a solvent they create a purple solution in this case, which is our solution. So just remember, solutions are homogeneous mixtures, and it's salute added to solvent that helps to create them.