Molecular Polarity Example 1

by Jules Bruno
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here in this example question, it says determine of carbon tetrachloride, which is CCL four is poor or non polar. Alright, so here, remember when we draw lewis dot structures, we place the least electro negative element in the center. In this case it would be carbon carbon here is in Group four A. So it has four valence electrons. So we're gonna draw our four valence electrons, Our chlorine, our in group seven a. So they each have seven valence electrons. Oh and remember carbon wants to make four bonds or must make four bonds. So each chlorine will form a single bond with our carbon. Now, if we take a look at the structure, we're going to say that our central element has the same surrounding elements and it has no lone pairs on it, it would be defined as a perfect shape one and as as a result of being a perfect shape, it would be non polar. So if you were going to say that carbon tetrachloride is a non polar molecule.