Molecular Polarity Concept 1

by Jules Bruno
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When it comes to the idea of molecular polarity, we have to take into account perfect shapes versus non perfect shapes or imperfect shapes. We're going to stay here first recall that polarity of chemical bonds arises from unequal sharing of electrons between atoms based on electro negativity. Remember elements that are more electro negative will tend to attract electrons more towards themselves. Now we're going to say the molecular molecular polarity itself is just the polarity that arises for an entire molecule. And we're gonna say here we have non polar molecules and polar molecules as a result. Now, when we say non polar molecules were saying this is any hydrocarbon so composed of only carbon and hydrogen and any non hydrocarbon with the perfect shape. Now, when we say perfect shape, we break it down into perfect shape one versus perfect shape too. Now for perfect shape one, this is when our central element has the same surrounding elements and it has zero too long pairs. So you're central element has no long pairs on it. Our perfect shape to this happens when are central elements still has the same surrounding elements and it's either linear or square planner or planner. Okay, so that's the additional caveat for perfect shape too, we're going to say here that a polar molecule is any lewis dot structure that doesn't have a perfect shape. So if you're able to identify a perfect shape automatically, it's going to be non polar. And if you have a molecule that doesn't fit fit perfect shape one or two, it's by default polar