Quantum Numbers: Magnetic Quantum Number

by Jules Bruno
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the magnetic quantum number, which uses himself l as its variable equals the orientation off the orbital's. Now this is a little bit vague, but what exactly does it mean? Well, it just gives us the location of the electrons now, like the other quantum numbers that we've seen before with an and L M. Sobel has its own limitation. It is the range off the angular momentum quantum number l meaning that if l were equal to, let's say, to m sub l is equal to the range of two, meaning that it's equal to negative to the positive to all the whole number. Integers in between so is equal to negative two negative 10 plus one and plus two If we take a look down here, we have our sub shall letters S p d N f. If we know our sexual letters, then we know what the l value will be. If we know what the L value is, then we know what Enseval is because again, it's the range of L. When Ellis zero, there's no such thing as plus or minus zero. So M. Sabella zero when Ellis one m. Sobel equals negative one positive one. So all the numbers in between And we just said If l equals two m's about equals negative to the positive, too. And then if it ls three been impossible is negative. Three to positive three. Now, how do these numbers relate to the location of electrons? Well, remember, if you're in s sub shell, you have one orbital associated with yourself, which is in the shape of the sphere here, this orange box This red box, we say, represents our orbital. It has a number designation. That number designation matches the possible value. So this would be zero. Here we have negative 10 and plus one on Look, we have three orbital's. So this would be negative +10 and plus one here, negative to toe. Positive, too. So these are the number designations for each of these orbital's. It gives us their numerical location and the negative three deposited Three represents all of these different orbital's here. So this is what am Sabella's telling us now? What you need to realize here is that with these shapes, we see p x, we c d x y we see f sub y cubed minus three fits Y r squared. It's a lot, but just realize that most orbital's have letter value associated with them. These ones that I circled. But only the numerical values for possible are important. So negative, too. Plus one, etcetera. We're going to stay here. The maximum number of electrons and S P. D and F sub shells this is important is to 6, 10 and 14 electrons. We'll see later on why that is when we talk about the spin quantum number. But for now, just realize, with each one of these sub level letters, that's how many electrons they can hold at Max.