The Colligative Properties Example 1

Jules Bruno
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Here. Benzene, which has a formula of C6 H six, has a boiling point of 80.1°C. What is a possible new boiling point once an unknown amount of glucose is added to the benzene solvent? Remember, we discussed this earlier on. We say the more salute you add to a pure solvent, then the higher the boiling point would be. So we're going to say here we expect the boiling point to be a value that is now higher than 80.1°C. And if we look at all our choices, the only one that's above this original temperature of 80.1°C is options. See, we expect our temperature, which is reasonable to be 89.6 degrees. None of the other ones make any sense. Boiling point would not stay the same, and it definitely would not decrease. Adding salute to a pure solvent increases your boiling point