The Colligative Properties Concept 3

Jules Bruno
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So remember, for the collective properties, the more salient you add, the more they can be affected. Boiling point and osmotic pressure will keep going up freezing point and vapor pressure would go down. Not the solid amount added equals the number of ions of that salute. Remember that the Van Hoff factor. So that's I times the concentration of that compound or saw it. Now this concentration can represent either molar itty or morality, and for incorporating ions with polarity or morality. Then they become osmolarity and osmolarity. So remember, Osmolarity is ionic polarity. Oz. Morality is ionic morality, right? So for osmolarity saw you formula, we're going to say osmolarity, which is the amount of solute equals I the number of ions for the salute times, the polarity of the compound as a whole. As morality is the same kind of idea, it equals I the number of solute on ions that we have times the morality of the compound. These two formulas will help us determine the amount of solute that a salute given to US represents, and that will help us determine which one to have the highest boiling point, or which one has the lowest freezing point, etcetera. So keep this in mind. We use osmolarity in Oz morality to determine the amount of salt that is at