Dipole Moment

Jules Bruno
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to understand the dipole moment found within either a chemical bond or chemical compound. We first need to revisit electro negativity. Now recall electro negativity, abbreviated as E N. Is a measurement of an element's ability to attract electrons to itself. And the periodic trend that you need to remember is that electro negativity increases, moving from left to right across a period or row and up a group. So if we take a look here in terms of this periodic table, we'd say that we can see that the non metals, those in blue have a higher electro negative value, with flooring being the most electro negative. Now recall that noble gasses are perfect. So we tend not to talk about their electro negativity ease, but because Krypton and xenon are lowered down and have larger shells involved, they sometimes can have electro negative values associated with themselves. Krypton being three point oh and Xenon being 2.6 here, most of the seventh row is comprised of synthetically formed metals. So because they're so unstable, we don't give them electro negative values. And realize that over here in the bottom left corner we have francie um which has the lowest electro negative value. So just remember as we start talking about dipole moments, you need to remember that it's related to the electro negative values of these different elements. So click on the next video and let's start talking about dipole moments