The Electron Configuration Example 2

Jules Bruno
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to help us with this example. Question. I decided to leave this periodic table up so we can see how to best use it here. It says right, the ground state electron configuration for the following element here we're dealing with flooring and they tell us that it has an atomic number of nine, which means it has nine electrons on this periodic table. We find flooring right here. Ground state means that we're going to start out with one s orbital and work our way up to flooring. So we're gonna count the flooring. So we'd say one s to one asked to two s two because of 12 slots and then we have to count toe f. So that would be two p were in the two p ro. And how many slots do we have? Thio count to to get the flooring. aN:aN:000NaN p five. So here this would be the ground state electron configuration off the flooring Adam, and realize here that these are the number of electrons. So when you add them up, two plus two plus by that gives me nine electrons which is related to the atomic number here off flooring. Remember when an element is neutral, its atomic number tells us both the number of protons and the number of electrons. So again, rely on this depiction of the periodic table to help guide you to the right electron configuration off any element or ion given to you.