The Electron Configuration

Jules Bruno
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when writing the electron configuration of an element. It's important that it represents the distribution of electrons from one s two to s 22 p, and so on within Orbital's using the off bowel principle. Now with the awe found principle, it says starting with one s, we're gonna have electrons filling lower energy orbital's before moving on to higher energy orbital's. We begin with one s when we're doing the full ground state electron configuration, often element or an ion to help us with this, you could take the off ball diagram approach when we start out with one s, then we move on loop back around to to us. Then we look back around 22 P, then 23 us. Then we loop back around 23 p and then for us. Then continuously. Look back around 23 D 24 p to five s. Now this is our off bomb diagram. India five diagram we have here want us all the way down to eight us. Then we have two p to three on 27 p, Then we have three d to 60 and then we have four F and five f another way we could look at determining the electron configuration has to do more with the periodic table. So if you click on the next video, let's reimagine what the periodic table will look like when dealing with the electron configuration of elements and ion.