Periodic Trend: Electron Affinity Example 1

by Jules Bruno
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here. The example. Question says Which of the following halogen will have the most eggs? A thermic electron affinity. So remember your halogen are the elements in Group seven a of the periodic table. So if you look at the choices sulfur, neon, nitrogen asked a teen and bro mean Onley. Two of them exist as hell logins and those would be options DNA. So now we have to think about who has the MAWR. Extra thermic electron affinity, which means it's more negative. Remember, as we head to the top right corner, are electron affinity increases, meaning it becomes mawr exo, thermic. So here, bro Ming is higher up in groups of in a So bro mean would have the Mawr excell thermic electron affinity. Now I know it's a little weird. Mawr Excell thermic really means it's a more negative value, but just remember more talking about greatest electron affinity. We're talking about most exile thermic