Naming Acids Example 2

Jules Bruno
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in this example Question. It says right, the formula for each of the following compounds. All right, so for a we have hte to C 03 All right, So think about what is making up this oxy acid. Well, we know that this is hpe Plus and we know here this CO three is altogether C 03 The two that comes here originated from the C 03 Because here, this is carbonate ion. Remember, the ending is eight. Remember? I ate and acid and it was icky. So that means that eight will become ic acid. So that means that this represents Harb bond Nick acid. So H two c 03 is carbonic acid. Next h three peel three. What makes it up? We know we have hpe plus here, and we know that P 03 here it Polly Atomic ion lies It was three minus. We also know, based on what we've seen in the Pali Atomic ion videos, that this would be called false fight. Fast fight ending ends with ICT. So remember, if it ends with ICT, we're gonna say here that I bite into things that are delicious, right? So it becomes post acid. Also, remember that phosphorus we use more than just the base based name. We also include O r. And then it would be close acid. So this is false forest acid. Finally, we have H two s 04 which is composed of H plus and S 04 which is a poly atomic ion that is two minus. It's one of our common types of tetra oxides. All right, so this is called Saul Fate. It ends with eight. So that means that our acid form would be ic acid. Just like phosphorous. Sulfur uses more than just the base name. So we actually use the whole name sulfur, and remember, eight becomes IC acid. So this is sulfuric acid as a name for our oxy acid. So again, you have to remember your Polly Atomic ion because they go hand in hand with learning and recognizing the oxy acid forms that exist. Now that we've done this example, let's continue onward with more practice on naming oxy acids