Naming Acids

Jules Bruno
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When it comes to naming Oxy acids, it's first important to remember your Polly atomic ions. Now, if you don't remember your Polly atomic ions or you haven't watched my videos on them, I suggest you pause this video and go back and take a look at those videos first, then come back and we can tackle naming Oxy acids together. All right, so for those of you already, let's go. We're gonna say here rules for naming Oxy acids Rule one. If the Poly Atomic ion ends with eight, then change the ending when it's in its acid form to IQ acid. Here we have a memory tool that will help us. So here we're gonna say I ate and acid and it waas icky. Now don't go biting into acids or eating them in any way. But just remember that eight goes with Vicky. Okay, so in its polytechnic ion form, it's eight. But in its acid form we change the ending to tick acid. So here we have hpe plus with no three minus. Remember no three minus is your nitrate ion. When I combine them together to give me a Channel three that is our oxy acid form here, the eight ending changes to IQ acid. So nitrate becomes nitric acid. But remember, we also have Polly atomic ions that end with right. What do we do in those situations? Well, we're gonna say if the Poly atomic ion ends with ICT, then in its acid form will change the ending to us acid. And again, we have a great memory tool. So I only bite into delicious into things that are delicious. So this will help us remember, if we have a poly atomic ion that ends with ICT in this acid form, it becomes o sauce ending Oh so acid. So here we have hpe plus with N O to minus N O to minus is our nitrite ion. When it combines with H plus, we get h l two, which is our oxy acid form. The ICT ending changes to us. That's it. So nitrite becomes night trust acid. So again, unless you know you're Polly Atomic ions, it gets pretty tricky in terms off naming the oxy acid for so first, make sure you've mastered the poly atomic ions and then we can start naming oxy acids. Now that we've seen the rules for this, let's continue on with some questions and test what we've learned