Naming Acids

Jules Bruno
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When it comes to Oxy acids, Oxy acids represent our second type of acid. Now we're gonna say they represent covalin compounds because they're acids. They contain hydrogen ion as well. But now they're bonded toe Upali atomic ion containing oxygen. And it's pretty clear why that is because the name is Oxi highlighting the fact that we have oxygen present now. So how could we form an oxy acid? Well, here we have our H plus ions, So H plus one. And let's just think off a poly atomic ion that possesses oxygen here. We could have, you know, three minus and all three minus is our nitrate ion. And remember, when the numbers in the charges are the same, they just simply cancel out, and you combine together. You're elements, So H n 03 What, Representing oxy acid. It is Covalin because it possesses only non metals. It has your hydrogen ion at the beginning of the compound structure, and all together we have our oxy acid. Now that we know how they're formed and what they represent, click on to the next video and let's go over the rules for naming them