Classify each of the following as a pure substance or a mixture. If a mixture, indicate whether it is homogeneous or heterogeneous: (b) beer

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Hi everyone for this question, we're being asked to classify each substance as an element of compound, A homogenous mixture or a heterogeneous mixture matter can be classified into two categories. We have pure substances and mixtures. Pure substances are when all the particles are identical and mixtures are when there are different types of particles present. So let's start off with an element. An element is a pure substance made from only one type of atom. And so if we look at our answer choices, we can see that silver is made up of just one type of atom when we look at the periodic table, that is the chemical symbol. And so that makes silver an element a compound on the other hand, is a pure substance made from two or more types of atoms. And so in the case of nitrous oxide, we have a nitrogen and oxygen. And so that makes nitrous oxide, a compound. Now with our mixtures, we're looking at how our our particles distributed. Are they distributed evenly or unevenly for homogeneous mixtures are particles are distributed evenly, so it's hard to separate them. And so in the case of rain water we have a lot of particles present and they're mixed evenly. So that makes rainwater a homogeneous mixture. And in the case of salad, our components or particles are unevenly mixed. We can have more or less of one of the things that's in our salad. So that makes our salad a hetero genius mixture. So now we've classified each of the substances and that is the end of this problem. I hope this was helpful