Physical & Chemical Changes Example 3

by Jules Bruno
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So if we take a look at this example question it says are the following process is reversible or irreversible. Remember, we tend to connect to the term reversible physical changes and what physical changes. We can undergo the change without changing the identity of the original material. Irreversible changes. We connect to chemical changes. So if we take a look here, it says, First we're dissolving sugar and water. Remember, we said earlier, when you're dissolving your sol Ute, then that represents a physical change because all I have to do here is boil off the water, and what will be left in my pot would be the original sugar. So this would be an example of a physical change, which would mean it's reversible next, adding lemon juice to cabbage juice. It causes the color to transition from purple to deep red. We said earlier that color change is an example of a chemical change, and because it's a chemical change, it would be irreversible, adding Citrus to baking power. Now, this 1 may not be as clear. Um, some people may not have done this little home ec type of experiment, but if you take Citrus like lemon and you squirt it on some baking powder. It's going to start to fizz and bubble. That's because an actual chemical reaction is being done. Now if a chemical reaction is being done, that is an example of a chemical change. And if it's a chemical change, it's an irreversible change. Lastly, if we have the mixing of oil and water we've talked about before, that oil and water don't mix, so they don't really interact. That means they hold on to their individual identities without really changing. We have our original substances being themselves, and because we have original substances, that's a physical change. We could also say earlier that mixing we set of substances is a prime example of a physical change, so this would be reversible. So this is a reversible process. So just remember the key terms that we covered when discussing physical changes in chemical changes remember that these physical changes can be seen as reversible changes, and our chemical changes can be seen as irreversible changes