Physical & Chemical Changes

by Jules Bruno
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in an irreversible change. This is a change that is permanent and cannot be undone to restore the original structure. So when we undergo are irreversible change, we can't go backwards, were stuck with whatever we make. Now the most common example off irreversible changes deal with chemical changes. Remember, chemical changes change the identity of our original material. Ah, great example here is we have a nitrogen gas, hydrogen gas and together they combined to give us an H three gas. They have chemically bonded to each other a end to an H two to form our compound of NH three. And because it chemically bonded this way, it's going to be irreversible. Process. Okay, so we're going forward in one direction. Once we've made that NH three group, we can't go backwards and remake R N two and H two by normal conditions. So just remember, an irreversible process. Create something brand new, and it forever alters the way our original material waas. We can't go back to it at least not by normal means. All right, now that we've seen the difference between reversible and irreversible processes, let's click on the next question and let's tackle some example problems