Octet Rule Example 1

Jules Bruno
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in this example question, it says which the following statements is true in terms of the following compound. In the following compound, we have a nitrogen atom in the center and it is surrounded by three florins. Realize here that nitrogen it's a maghrib element, and the drive of man group elements is trying to get to eight octet electrons. So that means that the answer could be B or C. Now we could look at its valence electrons. Its valence electrons are the electrons tied to its group number. We're gonna say nitrogen and Group five A. So it should have five valence electrons. These air the electrons that brings to the table in order to contribute to this chemical compound, so nitrogen and group five days. So this is 12345 electrons it's brought in. The shared electrons are the electrons that it gains from chemical bonding to flooring atoms. So we'd say here that it's shared electrons. If we take a look, it is gaining additional electrons from the flooring atoms, and that five plus three is what gives us eight octet electrons. So here the best answer would be option B. So just keep in mind, elements come in with their electrons and to in order to get to the eight opted electrons, they can share electrons from the surrounding elements around them.