Octet Rule

Jules Bruno
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when you hear the term optic role, just realize it's the tendency of most man group elements and achieving eight octet electrons by way of chemical bonding. Now we're going to say they do so toe toe, have the same number of octet electrons as a noble gas and realize that each co violent bond formed between two elements equals the sharing up to valence electrons between them. Now we talked about octet electrons. Now valence. Electrons are electrons and element possesses based on group number. So aluminum being in Group 38 means it has three valence electrons now shared electrons are the electrons and element gains through a chemical bond. And when we talk about opted electrons, opted electrons equals these valence electrons, plus your shared electrons in. By combining the violence and shared, this justifies the need to get to eight total octane electrons for a majority of the main group elements. Remember, hydrogen doesn't fit this definition neatly. It only needs one valence electron to get the noble gas configuration off helium. So we don't talk about hydrogen when it comes to the octet rule. Now that we've learned about these three different classes of electrons, click on to the next video and let's take a look at an example question