Classify the following elements as metals, nonmetals, or semimetals: (a) Ar (b) Sb (c) Mo (d) Cl (e) N (f) Mg

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Hey everyone in this example, we need to write the symbol and identify whether the given element is a metal metal. Oid or non metal beginning with bro. Mean we would recall that its symbol is capital B. Lower case R. And it's located in group seven A. Which corresponds to being a halogen or the halogen group. And so therefore based on this position, we would say that bromine is a non metal. Next we have the atom lead. We want to recall that. That's represented by the chemical symbol capital P. Lower case B. And lead is found in Group four a. On our periodic table. Now we want to recall that metallic character of an element will increase as you go down a group. And so because lead is located Not only in group four a. But in period six of our periodic tables, we would say that therefore it's a medal. Next we have the Adams neon. Now we want to recall that neon is represented by capital N. Lowercase E. As its chemical symbol. And it's located in group eight a. We want to recall that being a group ate A. Means you're part of the noble gas group. And based on this position, we would say that neon is therefore a non metal because it's a guess. So next we have silver recall that silver is represented by the chemical symbol capital a lowercase G. We would find silver in group one B. In the transition middle section. And so it's a metal. So next we go ahead and we have potassium to consider potassium recall is represented by capital K. as its chemical symbol and is located in group one a. And we should recall that because it's in group one a. It's in the Alkali Metal Group. And so of course it's a medal just like silver. So to complete this example, everything boxed in here corresponds to our final answers for our given elements. So I hope that everything we reviewed was clear. If you have any questions, please leave them down below and I will see everyone in the next practice video.