The Electron Configuration: Quantum Numbers Example 1

Jules Bruno
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here. We need to determine the number of the electron highlighted within the electron orbital diagram. So if we look, this is what one has to to us too. Two p six three s to three p four and we're looking at this electron here. We have to determine its number. Alright, so we number it in the order off the off ball principle. So we start out with one s too. So we start numbering them first. So one up. So 11 down to one up. Three one down. Four now two p. These are degenerate orbital's. They have the same energy. So following Hunt's role, we have build them first. So this would be up, up, up. So I number them 567 Then we came back around 89 10. Now we're at three us again. So 11. 12 three p Orbital's there, degenerate. Same energy again. So half fill according to Hunt's role. 13, 14, 15, 16. And we can see here that this electron that's highlighted is the 14th electron. So remember, that's the way we're able to number the electrons within an electron orbital diagram. This is key for lady later on, connecting it to the quantum numbers