Element X reacts with element Y to give a product containing X3+ ions and Y2-ions. (a) Is element X likely to be a metal or a nonmetal? Explain.

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Hi everyone, this problem reads, is element Y a metal or a non metal. If its reaction with element X results in a product containing X three minus and Y two plus ions explain. Okay, so we have here we have element Y an element Y reacts and results and why two plus ions. Okay, so here looking at the charges we have, why is neutral? So the charge is zero and it's going to two plus the charges going from 0 to 2 plus. So what this means then is that element Y lost two electrons? It lost two electrons and now its charge is two plus. Okay, So in terms of element why being a metal or a non metal metals lose electrons? Non metals gain electrons? So because why element why is losing two electrons or lost two electrons? It is a metal. Okay, so that is it for this problem. I hope this was helpful.