Functional Groups in Chemistry Example 1

Jules Bruno
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in this example question, it says, identify the type of functional group or groups present within the following compound. So here we have a bunch of carbons and hydrogen, so we know that it's a hydrocarbon. Now let's look out for double bonds and triple bonds because those seem to be a big indicators of the different types of hydrocarbons that exist. If we take a look here we have these two carbons double bonded to one another. These two carbons double bonded to one another. And then here these two carbons triple bonded to one another. Remember, if you have a triple bomb between carbons that represents an AL kind, functional group, and then here these two double bonded carbon groups represent al keen functional groups. This structure cannot be seen as an al cane because in Al Cane possesses Onley, single bonded carbons and hydrogen together, so we wouldn't count that as a unique, functional group for this compound. So again, look out for the double bond. Look out for the triple bond. Those are good landmarks toe look for when looking at different types of hydrocarbons within any given compound