Functional Groups in Chemistry

Jules Bruno
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we're not gonna take a look at the functional groups with carbon eels. Remember, a carbon eel group is just see double bonded toe. Oh, we're gonna say these types of functional groups share some similarities with those without carbon eels. What we have written in red is what that functional group represents. The things around it may change, but as long as you have that portion and read their, that's the functional group. If we take a look at the first one, we have C double bond oh connected toe on O H group. That represents what we call a car bus Cilic acid. So this is a car Pacific acid. For the next one, we have C double bond oh, connected toe. Oh, and then connected to a C. That is what we call an Esther. Next, we have C double bond. Oh, directly bonded toe a nitrogen that is in a mine or a mind. So both pronunciations air. Okay, so you might hear it as in a mind or a might. Same thing. Next we have a C double bond. Oh, connected directly to an h. We call this an alga hide, and then finally you have a C double bond. Oh, with a carbon on each side, that represents a key tone. So remember all of these particular functional groups have the presence of a carbon eel group, and what is marked in red represents that specific, functional group.