Functional Groups in Chemistry

Jules Bruno
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Now, the functional group represents the part of a molecule that is recognizable and responsible for the compounds reactivity. In this series of videos, we're gonna go How toe Identify different functional groups off given compounds. First, we're gonna start out with the hydrocarbons. Now, hydrocarbons are just compounds containing Onley, carbons and hydrogen hydro standing for hydrogen and, of course, carbons for carbons. If we take a look here, but we have highlighted in red represent that particular functional group in the first one, we have just carbons that are single, bonded toe one another, we're gonna say when we have just a series of carbon single bonded to each other and their single bonded to hydrogen. This represents what we call an Al cane group. So this is an Al cane. The chain could get even longer if it wants. So as long as the carbons are single, bonded to each other and single bonded to hydrogen, it represents an Al cane. Next we're gonna say what's highlighted is two carbons. This time they're double bonded toe one another. When we're talking about double bonded carbons, this represents an AL Keen And then for the third one, we have our carbon triple bonded to each other when carbons air triple bonded to each other. That's an AL kind. Now you might notice that we have similarities in names. We have Al Keynes, al Keens and all kinds. And then finally, what we have here is we have a ring with three double bonds within it this year. We call this a benzene ring, or you may hear it being called an aromatic ring as well. So they're interchangeable terms. Benzene ring or aromatic ring. For those of you who plan to go further into chemistry into organic chemistry, you'll go into greater depth when it comes to these different functional groups. Now, just realized that this first group is on Lee the hydrocarbons. They all have Onley, carbons and hydrogen associated with them.