Functional Groups in Chemistry Example 3

Jules Bruno
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here, we have to identify the type of functional group or groups present within the following compound. So if we take a look, look for your carbon deal groups. We have a carbon group here we have a Carbon Hill group here. Now look to see what they're connected to. Well, the one on the left that Carbonell is directly connected to an H. Remember, we said, if a Carbonell is directly connected to an H that represents an alto hide functional group for the other carbon deal, what is it directly connected to? Well, it's connected to a carbon on this side, but that doesn't tell us much. It's connected to an O. H here because it's connected to a no H. That is also another important functional group that is a carb, a silicate acid. So this particular compound possesses to Carbonell containing functional groups, one being an alto hide and one being a car. Pacific acid