Valence Electrons of Elements Example 1

Jules Bruno
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here, it says. How maney inner core and valence electrons, which would a silicon Adam possess? So Adam means that it's a neutral element, and when we look, silicon has an atomic number of 14 on the periodic table. So remember your atomic number, which is connected to your total number of electrons, equals your valence electrons. Yeah, which form a group element, is just your group number, plus your inner core electrons here, the atomic number. Again, we said it's 14. Silicon is in Group four A. On the periodic table since it's in Group four. A. It has four valence electrons, so we already know we have four Valence electrons. Okay, and all we have to do here to find the number of inner core electrons is subtract four from both sides, and what's left is 10 that 10. What equal the number off in our core electrons? Yeah, so we'd say that's the silicon. Atom has four valence electrons, instant group for A, and it has 10 inner core electrons