Quantum Numbers: Angular Momentum Quantum Number

by Jules Bruno
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Now we say here that the angular momentum quantum number gives information on the shape of the orbital's that electrons occupied. So remember, if your L value is zero, the sub shell or sub level would be s. It has a satirical shape, so it's shaped like a sphere. When we're dealing with l equals one. We're dealing with the peace. Upshaw P has three shapes associated with it, and here we can call them Ellipses or dumbbells. So we have three dumbbells. When l equals to the sub shall letter is deep. This one has five shapes associated with it. The first four are four leaf clovers. And then the last one is in ellipses with a circle around it, or a dumbbell with a ring around him around it. Then finally, when l equals three, the sexual letter is F, and it has seven shapes associated with it. The first three are a little bit weird. Okay, so here I like to call them passive fires. So it's a pair of passive fires for the first three shapes, and then the next one's four double four leaf clovers. So Double four leaf clovers and there's four of them all right. So just remember, when it comes to the angular momentum quantum number, it can also give us information on the shapes of the different orbital's that the electrons can occupy. And these would be the shapes in which the sub shovels sub shall electrons would take.