Constant-Volume Calorimetry Example 2

Jules Bruno
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here, it says the heat capacity of a bomb calorie meter was determined by burning 12.13 g of ethane. We're told the heat of combustion equals 1000 pop 160 kg per mole and the bomb. If the temperature changed by 15.2 degrees Celsius, we have to determine the heat capacity of the bomb calorie meter. All right, so remember, that is entropy of combustion equals positive Q of object one that absorb the heat, plus Q of the calorie meter. Here we're going to convert the heat of combustion from killing jewels to Jules, which is customary with these types of questions. So remember, one killer, Jewell is 10 to the three jewels. So that is Jules per mole. Remember, Entropy of combustion is exile thermic So this is a negative sign here. Now we have 12.3 g of ethane. Ethan's formula is C And here if we converted into moles. All right, so we have two carbons, which is 24.2 g for the two carbons. And then we have six. Hydrogen is each one is 1.8 So their combined mass is 6.48 Right, So this comes from the two carbons and the six hydrogen of FAA. When we add that up together the masses 30.68 g per one mole, Take that mole. We're gonna plug it in here for the queue of the object. So the map the moles are 0.4034 moles times. It's specific heat capacity which, when you look it up, is approximately 50 to 63 Jules over moles times degree Celsius. The temperature changed by 15.2 degrees Celsius. So that's our delta. T. We're looking for the heat capacity of the calorie emitter times a change in temperature again, which is still 15 2 degrees Celsius. Moles cancel out degrees Celsius. Cancel out. When I multiply those together, I'm going to get 3 to 2. jewels, plus my heat capacity again times the change in temperature, subtract out what we have here. When we do that, we're gonna get 1559677. equals he capacity times the change in temperature divide out 15.2 degrees Celsius and when we do that, we're gonna get the heat capacity equal to 1.3 times 10 to the five jewels over degrees Celsius. Okay. So that would represent the heat capacity of the bomb calorie emitter within this given question.