Osmosis Concept 2

Jules Bruno
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Now, when it comes to osmosis, the solvent moves from a lower concentration solution to a higher concentration solution. Now, eventually, as it's doing this equilibrium will be reached and the net flows. Solvent is stopped by osmotic pressure. Now osmotic pressure itself. This is the pressure exerted on the semi permeable membrane by the solvent. If we take a look here we have these two images realized that the blue spears are are solvent molecules. So think of them as water and the red ones are are solute molecules. If we look at the image on the left, we can see that there are more red solid molecules on the top portion than on the bottom portion. That means the top part is more, uh, saturated, more concentrated because of this. Remember osmosis solvents want to move towards the higher concentration. That means that there's going to be greater osmotic pressure on this side here, which is going to force the water to go up towards the more concentrated side. So it's gonna start happening. Is water is going to move through the semi permeable membrane and try to basically dilute this more concentrated portion. So we think that the flow of solvent is up now, eventually, the they're both going to be the same type of concentration. Okay. I mean, I look like it, but just realize the flow of water is gonna dilute the top part. So it's gonna be more volume per the same number of solvent molecules. As a result of this, the pressure on both sides of the semi permeable membrane this membrane are going to be equal in force, so there's not gonna be a net flow of water. So we're gonna say here that the flow of solvent, the net flow would be zero. Right? We're going to say that, uh, there's not gonna be a big change. Water still flowing both ways. But one side is not gaining more water than the other side. So there's not a net change in volume for either side. So just remember, it's osmotic pressure that's going to stop this movement of water more so to one side than the other. This happens when the concentrations of both sides reach the same value. Okay, Initially, the more concentrated side is going to be diluted by the less concentrated side