Osmosis Example 2

Jules Bruno
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here, it says label the tenacity of the solution outside the cell where the dot the purple dot Are these solid particles. All right, So what we have to do is we have to look at how many dots we have on the outside and compared to the number of dots on the inside. In the first image, we can see that inside the cell is more concentrated outside. The cell is less concentrated, has less purple dots. Remember, we have to discuss what what type of solution is on the outside. Since the outside is less concentrated, it is a hypo tonic solution. For the 2nd 1, Both the inside and the outside have five purple. So five solid molecules, they're equal inside and out. So this would have to be an isotonic solution. Yeah, and then finally, here we have the outside having more dots so outside is more concentrated. Since the outside is more concentrated, this represents a hyper tonic solution. So just remember, we're looking at what the solution is on the outside relative to what's inside a particular self