Classify each substance as a pure substance or a mixture. If it is a pure substance, classify it as an element or a compound. If it is a mixture, classify it as homogeneous or heterogeneous. a. wine b. beef stew c. iron d. carbon monoxide

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Hey everyone welcome back, We have to classify each substance below as an element compound homogenous mixture or a heterogeneous mixture. So looking at image one, we just have one sort of molecule here with just one color. And so we would assume that this corresponds to just a single element. So we would say that image one just describes a single element. And that's the first classification. Sorry for Part one here. So moving on to part two, we have six molecules here that are made up of all three orange atoms and just one green atom in the center. And this ratio of these 33 orange atoms and one green atom make up each of our gas molecules here. So we have a fixed molar ratio of 1-3 in each of our molecules, meaning that we have a fixed composition of multiple elements here. And so this would represent a compound. So this would be our second answer for image too. Moving on to image three, we are shown two different colors of different types of atoms. And it's easy to recognize these distinctions between the two different types of atoms because the colors are organized. We have all of the blue atoms above and then all of the orange atoms below here. And so we would assume that this mixture is going to be a heterogeneous mixture. So this would be our answer for image three. And now looking at image four, we can see that we have a random distribution of our blue colored molecules or atoms to the pink colored molecules or atoms. And we can see that they are randomly distributed and mixed about with one another. And so we would assume that since they're mixed in one face Rather than separate from one another as we saw an image three, Image four is going to be a homogeneous mixture. And so this would be our fourth final answer. So everything highlighted in yellow represents our classifications for each different substance. I hope that everything I explained was clear. If you have any questions, please leave them down below and I will see everyone in the next practice video.