At room temperature, a certain element is yellow crystalline solid. It does not conduct electricity and when hit with a hammer, it shatters. Is the element likely to be a metal, a nonmetal, or a semimetal?

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Hey everyone, we're being asked to identify the statement that best describes non metals. So looking at what we have, We can already tell that statement. # two is going to be one of the statements. That is correct and that's because non metals are good insulators. And the reason why is that they are able to maintain those high temperatures. On the other hand, metals are great conductors. So this statement will be for medals and looking at our other choices. We also know that non metals easily gain electrons. And the reason why is because They have that negative charge. So for example, we have chlorine with a -1 charge and so chlorine will easily gain an electron in order to complete its octet so that it can be more stable and essentially be happier. So are statements here are going to be two and 3. So I hope that made sense. And I'll talk to y'all in the next video.