Polyatomic Ions

Jules Bruno
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up to this point, We just examined Polly Atomic ions that possess a negative charge. Now it's time to look at the positively charged ones. We're gonna say most policy atomic ions are negatively charged except for NH four plus ion and H G 22 plus ion. We're gonna say NH four positive is called the ammonium ammonium ion. And it's gonna be the only major Polly Atomic ion that you're going to need to know that has a plus one charge. Then we're going to say we have a G 22 plus and know that little two is not a typo what this is. It's to individual h g plus one Mercury ions. They combined together. So now there's two of them together and they're combined. Charge comes out to two plus because each one possesses a plus one charge. We're going to say this is called Mercury one ion. Yes, I know it's a little might be a little bit confusing because the charges two plus, but realize that that two plus comes from the fact that each mercury is plus one. Alright, So again, a vast majority of Polly atomic ions you're going to encounter possess a negative charge these to possess positive charges