Polyatomic Ions Example 3

Jules Bruno
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So here. If we take a look at this example, it says based on your understanding of the poly atomic oxygen ions provide the structure for the bio sign aid Ion. All right, so we know that our sign eight ion is oh, CN minus. And remember, we've come across this prefix of Thile before. Remember, when we have this prefix of thigh Oh, it means that we're going to replace an oxygen with a sulfur. So if we're dealing with a Iot Sion eight, that means we're gonna replace one oxygen with a sulfur. In this case, we only have one oxygen. So it's just gonna get replaced with a sulfur. So this becomes s and in the rest of it stays the same S c N minus. So are signing it is one of our other Polly atomic ions of O. C. And minus. That was the key to knowing what Theo sign. It looks like. Remember, Theo just means replaced an oxygen. What a sulfur, while maintaining everything else about the poly atomic ion. The same. So our answer would be S C n negative