Polyatomic Ions Example 2

Jules Bruno
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in this example question it says named each of the following compounds. So for a we have scale of four minus and for B, we have b r O to minus. All right. Remember, we just learned that if your halogen oxy an ion has four oxygen's in it, it's gonna have those prefix of per because it is a chlorine. We're going to use its base thing, which is chlor. And because it has four Oxygen's, it's Suffolk's name is eight. Remember, all of these halogen oxygen ions possess a charge of minus one, so Cielo four minus is called per chlorate. This would be the per chlorate ion. Now let's do be for being. We have B R O to minus when we have to Oxygen's. We're going to say that there is no prefix because it is a br bro. Mean we're gonna use the base name of Brome and then remember, when we have to Oxygen's, we use the Suffolk's off, right? Okay, so bureau to minus would be the bro might ion. So these would be the two names for these halogen occean ions. Just remember, it's based on the number of oxygen's that they possess, which will affect both their prefix ed or Suffolk's names