Polyatomic Ions Example 1

Jules Bruno
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in this example question. It says, give the formal or systematic name for the following Polly Atomic ion P 033 minus. All right, so it has phosphorus within it. Looking back up, you know, that phosphorus was one of our tetra oxides and it came in the form of peel 43 minus its name was Foss Fate. We just learned that if I decrease the number of oxygen's by just one oxygen, it will give me a new Polly Atomic ion. So reducing it by one oxygen gives me this peel 33 minus. And remember, what that does is it changes the eight ending toe. Right? So this would represent our Foss fight ion. So it all hinges on the fact that you remember your try oxides and your tetra oxides. And then from there, changing the number of oxygen changes the ending of your Polly Atomic ion