Polyatomic Ions

Jules Bruno
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Now let's take a look at the halogen oxygen ions. So these air Polly atomic ions, which still contain oxygen. But now our containing halogen, it's remember your halogen are the elements that are in Group seven a or group 17 of the periodic table they're referred to as also Oxy intelligence. Besides being called your halogen occean ions now, some key things to keep in mind when dealing with these types of Polly Atomic Islands. First of all, they're based name. The base name is just the beginning of the non metals name that is unchanged. The nonmetal here we're talking about is the halogen. The number of oxygen's in these polytechnic ions affect either the prefix, which is the beginning of the name and or Suffolk's, which is the end of the name we're gonna say here all the halogen occean ions possess a minus one charge, so that's what they all have in common. So let's take a look at our challenges. We have flooring, chlorine, bromine and iodine. The base name is just the beginning of their names. Flooring would be floor for its base name. Chlorine will be chlor for its based name. Brohm would be brome bro Me will be brome for its base name Now to this space. Then we can add unending, which we'll talk about next. I a dying is just I owed as its base Nate. Now we said that the number of oxygen's can affect both the beginning and or end of the name. If it has four Oxygen's, it uses the base name of Per and the Suffolk's ending off. Eight. So let's say we're looking at Let's Talk about bro. Me. So, bro me. BR has four oxygen's. They all possess a minus one charge. So the name of this would be per insert the base name in the middle per bromate. If they have 32 and one oxygen's, we're going to see how the name changes. So here, let's say we have Cielo three minus. So here, the beginning of the name, the prefix drops per no longer exist, but the ending of eight is still around because we're using chlorine. We use the base name of Chlor, so this would be Chlor eight. Next, let's look at I minus. So this would be I owe dint ending changes from eight toe ICT as you can see. And then let's say we have f o minus. So that would be hypo for the beginning of the name, the prefix and then floor aight. So just see, when we have four oxygen, we have the prefix of per when we have one oxygen, we have the prefix of hypo. When we have three or four oxygen's, we have the ending of eight. But once we drop down to two and won the ending changes to right. So these are things that you need to keep in mind when naming these different types of Polly atomic ions or, in this case, your oxy halogen or your halogen Occean islands. Okay, so the number off oxygen's determine the beginning and end of the name. Also the type of how do you use determines the base name.