Arrhenius Equation Example 3

by Jules Bruno
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A plot of LNK vs Inverse temperature has a slope of negative 8313. What is the activation energy for this reaction? So remember when they give us a plot, it's always of Y versus X. And the fact that we're dealing with lnk versus inverse temperature means that we're going to deal with the linear form of the Iranians equation. So here we're going to say that Ellen K equals negative E A over R times one over T plus Ln of A. And remember this is equal to the formula for straight line, which is why equals mx plus B. M represents our slope. And it's also equal to negative activation energy divided by R. R gas constant. So them telling us our slope here is them really giving us em we're gonna set them equal to each other Here. This is -8313 Calvin equals negative E A over R R S R. Gas constant 8.314 jules over most times K. We're going to multiply both sides by 8.314 jewels over moles, times K. Kelvin's cancel out and we'll have our answer in joules per mole. Now here, initially we're going to have is negative 69,114.282 jewels per mole V equals negative E A. Just divide both sides by -1 and we'll get e equals here. This has four sig figs in its or answers should have four sig figs as well. So we're gonna say 69,110 jewels per mole as our final answer.