Arrhenius Equation Concept 1

by Jules Bruno
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the arena's equation investigates the temperature dependence of chemical reaction rates. Here we're going to say that the Iranians equation has an Iranian equation formula and that is K equals a times here. E. Is the inverse of the natural log taken to the negative E. A. Over RT Here, K equals our rate constant. A. Here we're going to say equals our frequency factor are also called our pre exponential factor or sometimes called the Iranians factor. So these are just a bunch of different names for the same variable E equals or activation energy or act on energy of activation or energy barrier. Again, this also has named as well. R equals R gas constant, which here equals 8.314 jewels over molds times. Kaye! Now hear this are constant. We used 8.314 anytime we're referring to speed, energy or velocity. Okay, so keep that in mind. Our becomes 8.314 with the units of jewels over most times K. Anytime one of these three ideas is being discussed. Okay, so keep this in mind. The Arrhenius equation is K equals A times E. To the negative E. A over R. T.